Why Are Tianjin Weddings Held in the Afternoon?

Unlike other parts of northern China, Tianjin holds weddings in the afternoon. (Image: lipingov.cn)

In northern China, including counties surrounding the city of Tianjin, wedding ceremonies are normally held in the morning, but in Tianjin, they are held in the afternoon for the following reasons:

“Evening” and “wedding” sound similar in Chinese, so weddings were held in the evening in ancient times.

Most people in Tianjin are descendants of settlers from nearby counties, such as Jinghai, Wuqing, and Baodi. The families usually travelled to Tianjin for the wedding ceremony, so afternoon was a better time. Over time, this became a local custom. However, people in surrounding counties still hold weddings in the morning.

Because most people worked in the morning and could only travel in the afternoon, so as not to lose wages, it became customary to hold weddings in the afternoon.



When electricity became widely available, this allowed for evening receptions after weddings. Locals adopted a Western-style afternoon wedding ceremony, followed by an evening reception.

According to the Chronicles of Tianjin, the main reason Tianjin residents hold afternoon activities is because they’re lazy. Most people sleep till noon, thus they prefer afternoon ceremonies.

An afternoon ceremony allows more time for the bride and groom to prepare; they can sleep later and be more refreshed. The bride also has more time to dress, put on make-up, and style her hair.

Research by Monica, Lulu, & David C. 

Chinese source: Weixin.



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