This Incredible 2-Wheeled Trickster Makes His Bike Hop, Jump, and Skip Across Taiwan

If Spider-Man rode a bike, he would look like Danny MacAskill.

Danny discovered just how rideable Taiwan streets can be. In this video he rolls through Taichung, the 3rd largest city in Taiwan.

It’s obvious MacAskill is no ordinary biker. I’ve never seen a cyclist with that much control over his machine.

He makes it climb, hop, jump, as if it were a futuristic pogo stick, as if he were riding a pogo stick that jumps on walls and buildings.

All this would be hard enough to do off of a bike. But he maneuvers that oblong, 2-wheeled thing as if he were a centaur, and the bike wheels were his horse legs.


Painting of a centaur, a mythological half-man half-horse creature. (Image: Brooklyn Museum – Centauress – John La Farge – overall)


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