China Is Exporting Torture Devices to Africa (Video)

An electric baton. (Screenshot/YouTube)
An electric baton. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Amnesty International recently released a report outlining what it refers to as China’s “tools of torture” being outsourced overseas.

Over 130 companies, many of them state-owned, are exporting their law enforcement equipment (which includes a number of torture devices) to places like Africa, and it should be noted that there really aren’t any safeguards in place when selling these devices overseas.

Some of these devices include restraint chairs, neck-and-wrist cuffs connected by a chain, and also electric batons, which are widely used in China. A Falun Gong practitioner told Amnesty international how she was tortured with an electric baton on her face:

It’s a kind of torture the police call ‘bengbao popcorn’ because your face splits open and looks like popped corn.

China uses these implements (and much worse ones) against peaceful citizens like those who practice Falun Gong, a spiritual meditation practice that was banned in China. It begs the question from an international perspective who has the authority to stop torture devices from being sold?

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