‘The Equalizer’ and Denzel Washington Get Set for Box Office Combat

The Equalizer is set to be released this Friday. Expect to see a showcase of Denzel Washington’s weapons and hand-to-hand combat abilities.

The film is based on an earlier TV series of the same name.

Besides ass-kicking, expect to see a sense of justice. A man who used to do bad, but now uses his skills to help others. At least, that is the sense I get before the movie release. We’ll have to wait and see how it comes together.

The Equalizer sees Denzel pairing with the same director that brought us the gritty Training Day, a movie that showed a different side to Denzel’s acting. He won an award for his role in that film. Now he’s back with director Antoine Fuqua. But this time he plays a bad guy gone good instead of a bad guy gone worse, as in Training Day.

I don’t know if this is going to outdo Training Day, but it will probably be a satisfying action film. And if the story has depth, Fuqua and Washington could be looking at more awards and further films together.

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