Answering the Call of Nature While Fighting for Universal Suffrage? Try This DIY Solution

As thousands of students skips classes in protest, Hongkongers are clearly prepared to do whatever it takes to fight for democracy in the next elections.

This simple answer to the lack of toilets for Occupy Central was posted by YouTube user UrgentWeeWee.

The video explains that ladies need an empty bottle, a cut-off tetrapak carton, and some kleenex, while men can just stick with the bottle, and a plastic bag to hide it. You can even carry a garbage bag to cover yourself up if there’s nowhere private to go.

These items are all easy to carry while protesting in case of emergencies. Just throw it in a trash can when you’re done (or if you get arrested)… If a policewoman needs the bathroom though, well that’s just too bad!

Research by Mona.

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