Idiot Attacks Kim Kardashian in Front of Kanye and Mom at Paris Fashion Week (Video)

The man who takes pride in assaulting celebrities has struck again; this time he lunged through a sea of paparazzi to put his paws on Kim Kardashian.

It’s hard to see where the attacker is perched or when he pounces, but he has revealed himself as the notorious red carpet harasser Vitalii Sediuk.

It seems no celebrity is safe from wildcat Sediuk. But this is ridiculous. In front of both mother and husband, Sediuk has to be peeled off of Kim.

Though Mommy Kris Jenner can be heard screaming in the video, Kanye West maintains his cool, subdued manner.

I am surprised how security seem to always let this snake slip through. After bashing Brad Pitt on the nose, you’d think they’d have a squad in place solely scanning the crowds for him.


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