5 Ways to Increase Your Chance of Success as a Male Model

Male Model Zarko
What are some standards male models need to have? (Manchul Kim/YouTube)

These are 5 basic tips to push fashion fledglings out onto the runway.

The world of male modeling is smaller than female modeling, and the pay is a lot less. But if you like the industry and have striking features, go for it.

1. Age

18-25 is when you should enter. Any later is late. Any earlier is juvenile. Nobody wants to see little boys walk runways. But that’s all perception. If you’re a supermodel, like Tyson Beckford, age requirements bend.

2. Height

Between 5’11” and 6’2″. Any taller or shorter and you’ll be out of horizontal sync with your fashion teammates. Sorry NBA players. You might feel a bit out of place. And you short guys, don’t think you can get away with high heels. You’re not Prince.

3. Weight

140-165 pounds. Be neither a bulky nor scrawny. So no football linebackers nor lightweight horse jockeys.

4. Modeling School

Why not get some training and let the pros teach you to style yourself, walk the runway, and do photo shoots.

5. Attitude

Being positive will benefit you in any profession. A friendly, enthusiastic face is easy to work with.

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