Mouse Clings to Toad’s Back: Why Chinese Censors Fear This Photo

Blocked on Weibo: A mouse clinging to a toad's back. (FreeWeibo)
Blocked on Weibo: A mouse clinging to a toad's back. (FreeWeibo)

Ahh, what a cute photo of a little mouse hanging onto the back of a toad swimming in a river… Wait, why is this being blocked on Weibo?

Well, it’s common knowledge that former chairman Jiang Zemin is nicknamed the toad. But perhaps less well-known is the story of his mistress, Song Zuying.

Song joined the People’s Liberation Army Naval Song and Dance Troupe in 1991, when she was 25, and apparently first caught Jiang’s eye in the Chinese New Year Gala that year.

Even though he was old enough to be her grandfather, Jiang pursued a relationship with the songstress, and insisted she divorce her husband. With the old toad’s sponsorship, Song rose through the ranks, and became a non-combatant Rear Admiral in the Chinese Navy in 2009.

During one of her concerts, Song sang the lyrics: “Sister needs to cross the river, who will carry me?” Both times she sang the line, the audience mockingly replied: “Brother Jiang will carry you!”

Research by Mona.


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