An Unexpected Place You Need to Visit When In Taiwan

    Taiwanese boutique hair salons are soooooo relaxing, have a wide range of options of services, are reasonable pricing, and give super sweet service.  (Image: Compfight)This is shampoo, Taiwan-style! (Image: LuluTaipei)Unless you happen to have a bathroom that looks like this, you are going to feel great sitting in here. (Image: Weibo)Make sure this is a stop on your Taiwan travel itinerary. (Image: Weibo)I miss the sweet, happy service at a Taiwanese hair salon! (Image: Carolsormilic)

    I’ve been thinking about what is my must-go recommendation for when you visit Taiwan. My answer might be a bit surprising because I’m not going to recommend a tourist spot, famous building or even a dazzling night market. I know, you’ve already heard of them from other friends or on advertising.

    So listen carefully, when you visit Taiwan, you absolutely need to go to a boutique hair salon and spoil yourself with a hair shampoo.


    They are sooooo relaxing, have a wide range of options of services, reasonable pricing, and give super sweet service. For example, they even offer you a choice of drinks, such as water, black tea, green tea, milk tea or coffee. And seriously, the quality is really quite good.

    One of my Japanese friends says that Taiwanese-style shampoo is just so attractive for Japanese travelers, that it is actually recommended in her Japanese travel guidebook of Taiwan.

    But what I like the most is the happy feeling I get from the smiling service. And I miss it so much when studying abroad. So next time when you get a chance to visit Taiwan, don’t forget to go to a salon for an unforgettable memory!


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