Gen Y: Are Our Expectations Setting Us Up For Unhappiness?

gen y, happiness
Generation Y: How happy are we? (Image: anonima_armonisti_gruppo_00/Flickr)

Huffington Post wrote how if Generation Y expects their life to be one way, and it ends up another, they become disappointed and upset, and then naturally unhappy. The article states that maybe the key to happiness is managing your expectations to be low, and when you exceed them you’ll be happy.

I think that’s missing the point. As Gen Y, we have been brought up on the Internet, and on anything being possible. When really it isn’t.

We young(er) people have to take the reins back and set our own definitions of happiness.

A simple solution would be to manage our own expectations instead of taking what our parents definitions were.  For instance, we may never own homes as young as our parents, but we can be just as happy.

Instead of having expectations, let’s just have gratitude right? That doesn’t always seem possible though, especially when our generation has been somewhat set up to be limited.

Though it may not be our fault we got set up a bit for disappointment, it is our responsibility to adjust our expectations and set ourselves up for success rather than disappointment. In other words: let’s try and be happy.

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