Do You Know How to Plank?

(Image: Hammerin Man via Compfight cc)

Plank exercises are a popular element of isometric training, and in recent years have become a trend everywhere; plank exercises should not be confused with the planking fad.

For sure, the plank offer great benefits, like increasing strength and flexibility, enhancing your posture, and improving your mood by stretching muscles that commonly stiffen throughout the day and contribute to stress.

To look and feel better, learn how to plank.

Plank from elbows with hip extension

  1. Lie on a mat face down, rising up onto your forearms and toes.
  2. Maintain abdominal draw-in, and contract the glutes so that the pelvis aligns with the ribs and pubic bone.
  3. Extend the right leg upward toward the ceiling, keeping a contraction in the glutes. Hold for two seconds, and repeat for a total of 10 times.
  4. Perform the same movement on the left side.

Maintain the abdominal draw-in and glutes contraction throughout the duration of the exercise. If you break your form, reset before continuing.
If the hip extension is too difficult, perform front plank only.

Plank From Elbows With Hip Extension

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