Kobe Bryant Brushes Off Injuries, Seeks Dramatic Return to Form

Kobe Bryant is feeling refreshed and ready for the NBA season to begin. He’s looking forward to the challenge of coming back after injuries held him to just 6 games last season.

Bryant missed most of last season recovering from a torn Achilles tendon, only to suffer a fractured knee upon return.

Kobe was playing more minutes than almost anybody in the NBA before his recent injuries. He was the prime reason the Lakers were still making the playoffs.

He was the force keeping the franchise afloat.

That obviously wasn’t a sustainable strategy. Relying so much on Kobe eventually took a toll. Without Kobe on the court, the Lakers record quickly spiraled down.

Kobe loves stepping to any challenge, but must now keep in mind his longevity, as now he is forced into more cautious play.

But Kobe isn’t letting talk of injuries or old age hold him back from what he envisions he can accomplish. He is only too happy to prove any doubters wrong.

The Lakers new coach, Byron Scott, will work with Kobe over the season to maximize his playing potential, while hopefully avoiding any more injury disasters.

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