Need a Good Night’s Sleep? Seriously, Try These Porridge Recipes

Date (Vision Times)
Date (Vision Times)

According to TCM, eating these foods before bedtime will help you get a good night’s sleep, and overcome insomnia. These foods also make a really tasty meal.

Porridge with dried lily and lotus seeds:

  • Dried lily bulb
  • Dried lotus seeds
  • Sugar, 30g
  • Rice, 100g

Preparation:  Soak dried lily bulb and lotus seeds in water; when rehydrated, combine with rice and cook. Add sugar before water is absorbed.

Porridge with sour jujube fruit

  • Dried sour jujube fruit powder, 15g
  • Medium length rice, 100g

Preparation: Cook rice until the water’s well down, then add the sour jujube fruit powder, cook a further 5 minutes.

Soup made of licorice, wheat, lotus, and jujube

  • Lotus, 250g
  • Wheat, 75g
  • Licorice, 12g
  • Seeded jujubes, 5
  • Salt, 3g

Preparation: Clean wheat under running water, then soak for 1 hr; deseed jujubes and soak till soft; combine wheat, licorice, jujubes, and water, and bring to a boil. Add the lotus and simmer until soft; add salt to taste.

Mulberry juice

  • Fresh mulberries, 60g
  • Water

Preparation: Add water to mulberries, bring to a boil, simmer for 10 min; drink after 1 hr before bedtime.

Millet porridge with jujubes

  • Millet, 60g
  • Seeded jujubes, 6
  • Honey, 30g

Preparation: Cook millet and jujubes as a porridge; add honey after it’s cooked. Serve before bedtime.


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