Tricking: This Next-Level Action Sport Combines Gymnastics, Martial Arts, Breakdancing

Tricking is as an up-and-coming extreme sport which grew out of martial arts. It takes the more acrobatic elements of various martial arts, combines them with breakdancing and gymnastics, and calls it tricking.

I am not sure what to think of tricking. I feel it waters down the arts it draws from, and it weakens the foundations of those other arts.

For instance, they take martial arts kicks and aerial moves, and combine them with acrobatic flips. When you do that, you lose the martial arts application. Basically, don’t expect what you are doing to be effective in combat anymore. Flipping around like that can leave you open to attack if you are indeed in a combat situation.

And the attitude of the competitors reminds me of a breakdancing battle, and I’ve seen similar tricks at those types of events. I don’t know if tricking really offers anything new or necessary. That may make it harder to grow.

With the maturation of parkour, breaking, and other types of modern, acrobatic-focused martial arts, is there room for this one?

In any case, I don’t want to dampen anyone’s spirits. Anything that keeps the kids out of trouble is okay by me.


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