Anti-Bullying For a Better World

stomp out bullying
Are you wearing a blue shirt today for World Day of Bullying Prevention? (Image: Screenshot/StompOutBullying)

A group of Americans want to start an initiative to spread the message of anti-bullying to the whole world. They have proposed October as the month for anti-bullying and the first Monday of October as World Day Anti-Bullying.

Today in New York City you can see many wearing blue T-shirts with messages: “Stomp Out Bullying, Stop The Drama, End The Hate.”

I think these are good messages of compassion and tolerance.

Bullying can cause invisible scars that can stay for life. It affects people of all ages.

The National Center for Injury Prevention and Control lists how bullying affects future relationships with other people, family, and society, and even affects learning and work production. Bullying can be physical or emotional or both. Not only the victims are at higher risk to develop emotional problems and attempt suicide, but those who witness bullying are also at a higher risk of having future emotional problems.

What is surprising is that perpetrators of bullying are the most vulnerable of all.

Colombia has taken the front with their anti-bullying law. The World Health Organization (WHO) has many declarations and statements about bullying behavior and violence in schools and put emphasis on the need to take seriously our kids’ complaints, thoughts and feelings. The WHO mentions the strong relationship between suicidal attempt/completion and bullying in academic institutions.

From my part, I hope that this generation put an end to this despicable, vile, and subhuman behavior.

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