Why Are Gen X’ers Jealous of Gen Y?

Every generation thinks the one after is lazier and more entitled.

In this video Scott Hess talks about why Gen Y is a target for this stereotype. One reason for the “hate” towards millennials seems to that Gen X may be secretly jealous of us. You heard that right!

Scott Hess thinks that his generation is jealous of of us because of the fact that we are younger, and we seemed to have figured out a way to extend what Hess calls our magic point—age 21.

The video is a good watch, in it Hess discusses a New York Times article, which breaks down the 5 things every Gen Y is trying to figure out in their 20’s:

  1. Completing school
  2. Leaving home
  3. Becoming financially independent
  4. Marriage
  5. Having a child

How many of these are you still trying to figure out?

Can somebody come show me how to iron my shirt correctly?

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