Have You Ever Seen a Cracked Building Held Together With Tape? (Photos)

    Looks like the tape is doing a better job than you'd think! (Screenshot/163.com)The columns don't look too bad from a distance! (Screenshot/163.com)

    Duct tape is great for fixing things, even planes, but someone in Shandong Province just took it too far.

    When cracks started appearing in this building’s columns in Jinan City, they used tape and string to repair them.

    Residents are scared of going out in case the columns collapse, and leave with their hands on their heads, according to 163.com.

    Here are some netizen comments about the photos:

    1. This should get a Nobel Prize for innovation in  architecture.

    2. It’s really Chinese-style. What brand of tape did they use? We need to get some.

    3. Who invented this tofu project. The builder must have tofu for brains.

    4. Look! Another tourist attraction in Jinan City.



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