If You Look Up in the Sky Now, You May Be Able to Catch the Blood Moon

    The next lunar eclipse will take place in April 2015. (Screenshot/YouTube)View of the full Moon from Chicago before the eclipse. (Image: David Yang/Vision Times)Beautiful details of a full Moon. (Image: David Yang/Vision Times)The totality ended on Oct. 8, 7.34a.m. Eastern US time. (Screenshot/NASA MSFC)

    According to NASA Science, on Wednesday morning, Oct. 8, not long before sunrise, the bright full Moon over North America will turn a lovely shade of celestial red.

    It’s a lunar eclipse—visible from all parts of the U.S. This is known as a Blood Moon. If you are lucky, you may even be able to catch it in turquoise.

    Lunar eclipses only happen during full moons, when the Sun, Moon, and Earth are in a straight line.

    The total eclipse ended on Oct. 8, 7.34a.m. Eastern US time.

    The next one will take place in April 2015. Be prepared!

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