Set Me at the Top of an Endless Mountain so I Can Skate Down Forever

James Kelly made this wild video to promote his new model longboard.

The video is dramatic and intense. I feel like I’m skating down there with the dude. He’s skating with cars on the road and everything.

In the middle of the video, he’s going so fast that he loses control and slips off the board. Fortunately, there are no cars in sight. While he tumbles along the pavement, I wonder how good a selling point he makes. But it would suck to keep such a spectacular wipeout off the final cut. Anyway, it helps you see this guy is a daring and committed downhill boarder.

At the speed he is going, he really has no safe way to stop himself.

You’d already be have to be fearless and crazy to do this type of stuff.

I’d recommend more protective gear, less you like to see your own blood drip like Kelly’s.

The production values in this video are high, which makes it an enjoyable watch for anyone. And if you’re inspired to bomb a hill after watching, preferably throw on plenty of pads, and keep to controllable speeds.

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