Looks Like Travel in Hungary Should Be on Your Europe List, It’s #4 on the Top 10 Hot List in 2014

Moody and romantic, ancient and wise, handsome and elegant. Hungary, one of Europe’s many gems, has recently gained much attention from the international travelers of the world. This video of Budapest, the capital city is a wonderful whirlwind tour of the city. Enjoy.

It is #4 on the Top 10 Hot List of countries seeing the highest tourist growth in 2014, according to Virtuoso.

This film is by Film Artist on Vimeo, who says:

“I recently visited Budapest for a few days and was taken back by it’s sheer beauty, history, and wonderful people.”

“With fantastic public transport and so many places to see and great places to eat I saw and learnt many things especially about the history of the place. We can learn so much from our history and cultural heritage. Freedom is no doubt something many of us today have taken for granted whilst others have fought for it.”

Incase you were wondering where it is exactly, it’s in central Europe, totally landlocked by other fabulous European nations.

Hungary map

Hungary, landlocked in central Europe. (Wikitravel.org)


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