Meet Hong Kong, #5 on the Travel Hot List in 2014, in This Cool Video

Yes, Hong Kong is a very hot destination this year, coming in #5 in tourist growth in 2014. That means more people than ever are landing on the shores of this watery metropolis, to enjoy it’s offerings.

Hong Kong is about to see a major drop in numbers visiting from the mainland, which account for those high numbers of tourists. Chinese mainlanders like to head across the straight for shopping and gambling at the famous Maccau casinos.

But China last week banned travel to Hong Kong, due to fear of “contagion” of democratic ideas as a result of the historic “Occupy Central” movement for universal suffrage students and workers are holding in the city center. One family visiting from China was interviewed by the Epoch Times in Honk Kong, they had actually bought their son over specifically to witness the protests.

“We came here just to let our child to see what democracy is,” Mr. Chen said.

Hong Kong is part of China, but is supposed to be governed internally. In recent years the Chinese Communist Party has been edging it’s way back into power there, and that is what the protests are over.

The movement, started by students, but now joined by blue and white collar workers, has been ultimately peaceful and respectful on the protesters side.



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