Student Leader Featured on Time Magazine Cover for 2 Weeks

    Student leader, Joshua Wong, is on the cover of Time Magazine again. (Image: Time)

    Joshua Wong, leader of Hong Kong’s activist group Scholarism, is on the latest issue of Time Magazine.

    The magazine describes Wong as: “The Face of Protest,” and “The Voice of a Generation”.

    They say he triggered a “youthquake” that’s shaking up Hong Kong.

    But Chinese media are calling Wong and his fellow students troublemakers, for example this tweet by @liuyun1989 said:

    “Labour Party Deputy Chairman and Legislative Council Member: In the most popular public men’s room, it is not only surprisingly clean, but also filled with a variety of men’s grooming supplies. Come visit, and you’ll understand that this group has been described as trouble-making, illegal, and selfish, but they can show everyone what a high level of civilization they have.”

    Locals have been supporting the students in various ways.

    They put out toiletries in public bathrooms, and also give students food and water. The students have clearly won the hearts of the people.

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