NBA 2K15: Video Games Shouldn’t Be This Real

As you can see, NBA 2K15 has brought basketball games to another level of realism and detail.

The obvious high points are the graphics and the player motion. You’re in for a colorful basketball journey full of ultra smooth graphics.

In career mode you can hear the voice of NBA players tutoring you as you rise through your rookie season. Sure they aren’t voice actors, but it does much for realism.

Other high points include the shot meter that follows underneath your player. The shot meter provides the useful feature of showing you just how much of a chance you have of hitting that jumper, hook, or finger roll.

What’s also cool is the new face scan technology. You can scan an image of your own face onto your player, and build other aspects of their appearance. That should be pretty awesome! I could scan my face onto a 7’7″ basketball giant. You know, I wonder just how tall they’d let me make him. I could build the ultimate player and make him look like me, but more perfect…as if that’s even possible.

It’s out on Playstation 3 and 4, XBox One, XBox 360 and PC.


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