Russian Rock Star Feels Kremlin’s Heat for Anti-War Stance (Video)

For decades Andrei Makarevich has been a rock ’n roll icon in Russia but he’s been having concerts cancelled due to his opposition to the Kremlin’s war against the Ukraine.

The 60-year-old singer has been especially singled out and smeared by Russian state press and nationalists for playing at a concert for refugees in an Eastern Ukraine city that was under the control of the Ukrainian military.

“It’s a lesson to all cultural figures,” Artemy Troitsky, a music critic and producer told WSJ. “They are saying: ‘Look, we can do this to Makarevich who sat next to Putin at a Paul McCartney concert. This is serious, and don’t you dare open your mouth.’”

Makarevich was once embraced by Russia’s powerful political elite.

A few months after the above-mentioned 2003 Paul McCartney concert, Makarevich was awarded a presidential order “for services to the Motherland.”

The WSJ reports that the Russian government is ramping up nationalistic and anti-Western fervor on its propaganda channels.

Makarevich’s latest song is titled My Country Has Gone Mad.

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