Alfonso Ribeiro Revives the Carlton Dance, Proves He’s TV’s Dance King

Alfonso Ribeiro revisited his beloved dance on Dancing with the Stars. He and his partner get a perfect score from the judges. Seeing this gives me a reminder of lighter, simpler days.

Back when The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was on everybody’s tube, Ribeiro played Cousin Carlton, our favorite upper class cousin. On the show, Carlton pulled out this dance upon┬áhearing the 1965 Tom Jones hit It’s Not Unusual. It became a dance phenomenon due to the popularity of the show.

After all these years, Ribeiro is in top form with the Carlton Dance. It’s looking even fresher than it ever has. He manages to work it into a routine full of┬ádrama and precision dance moves. His partner, Witney Carson, even tries her rendition of his famous dance. I’ll be surprised if they don’t walk away as champions.

This isn’t the first time in recent years Ribeiro has pulled out the Carlton dance to acclaim. He was a surprise guest in England on The Graham Norton Show. He, Will Smith, and Jaden Smith performed the Carlton Dance among a variety of their other old routines, including the other popular dance they invented, the “Jump On It.”

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