Tired of Taking Boring Travel Photos? These 36 Mind-Blowing Shots Will Ignite Your Creativity

    Blowing people off is what this guy does best. (Image: NTD TV)Awesome air capacity from a little person with huge lungs! (Image: NTD TV)Its not my fault I'm larger than life. (Image: NTD TV)Some people can't get enough coffee. (Image: NTD TV)Check out my new toy! (Image: NTD TV)When I go hiking, I bring only what I need. (Image: NTD TV)Mr. Dinosaur, please don't bite. Business is bad enough as it is. (Image: NTD TV)A path forms wherever I decide to walk. (Image: NTD TV)I move stones as if pebbles, from the rivers of my dreams. (Image: NTD TV)I formed this land out of clay and sand. (Image: NTD TV)When I am at my height, I lose perspective of all the little things. (Image: NTD TV)Who needs a stationary exercise bike? (Image: NTD TV)Did she just pass gas? What grade of gas? (Image: NTD TV)Hey! You can't steal the Washington Monument! (Image: NTD TV)Seattle's most prominent historic landmark amounts to nothing in my hands. (Image: NTD TV)Whether the path is curved or straight, I will walk it to the end. (Image: NTD TV)Big Ben is about to become Little Ben. Sorry Queen Elizabeth. (Image: NTD TV)Is this what 'paint the town' really means? (Image: NTD TV)Old dude has some serious power. (Image: NTD TV)Is Stonehenge just a stepping-stone for giants? (Image: NTD TV)Leaning Tower of Pisa, please don't fall! (Image: NTD TV)These parkour guys are really out of control. (Image: NTD TV)I pluck cars from a mountain like fish from a lake. (Image: NTD TV)Don't do that! The tip might pierce your fingertip. (Image: NTD TV)If she's this tall now, what will happen when she grows up! (Image: NTD TV)We should have checked for a firm foundation before we started building. (Image: NTD TV)I met my lover in ancient Egypt. We have a 4,000 year age difference, but he's all I've got. (Image: NTD TV)For pyramids we've got them all. Some big and some small. (Image: NTD TV)When I'm hungry, I go outside and eat whatever I can find. (Image: NTD TV)The original odd couple. (Image: NTD TV)Across the lands, from sea to sea, there's nothing at all which troubles me. (Image: NTD TV)Is that how they put it there? (Image: NTD TV)Let me introduce you to my little friend. (Image: NTD TV)I only drink the freshest spring water. (Image: NTD TV)Dare you test me? With one touch I can deflate your dreams. (Image: NTD TV)A little help? We've glued ourselves up here. The view is perfect! But we'll need to eat soon. (Image: NTD TV)

    If you’re through with stale, boring travel photos, these refreshing images should inspire your creativity. Not only do they look more interesting than simply standing and smiling, the illusion effects are also easy to achieve.

    After you’ve gone through the gallery,

    Check out these 5 tips for a successful forced perspective photos.

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