7 Goreless Halloween Costume Ideas to Get Your Creativity Pumping

Ditch the Halloween stereotypes and get creative with costumes this year. (Image: Vision Times)

It’s getting close now to that time of year again and Halloween decorations are ramping up all over the place.

I have to admit all the spiderwebs and dismembered limb decorations are becoming a bit passe, so maybe it’s time to get inspired beyond the stereotypes of bloody gore or smiling pumpkins and turn yourself into something a little more creative this year.

How about an unexpected inanimate object like a street light, or test your stealth skills as green army men figures?

(Image: Imgur)

If you aren’t good at standing still, why not become a sea anemone and take your baby, a pet or a toy as a clown fish?

(Image: Imgur)

There’s nothing wrong with getting all foody as a box of fried chicken either.

(Image: Imgur)


If you have the right facial traits, you can paint yourself into your favorite artist or artwork—brushstrokes and all!

(Image: Imgur)

Who says Halloween has to be all scary and gloomy? Why not make the most of it and get your creativity sparked and onto the streets in your neighborhood!

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