Chairman Meow Would Be Proud, Chinese Told Dog Ownership Could Ruin China! (Funny Video)

Chinese people are being told that owning a dog is degrading to China’s “social peace and harmony.” Guess why. Because it is a “crude and ludicrous imitation of a western lifestyle,” of course.

Chairman meow smiles over China

Chairman Meow would be proud of the modern anti-dog movement in China. (Screenshot/China Uncensored)

This episode is, as usual, hilarious. China Uncensored nails it (nails Chinese propaganda that is), calling them out on manipulative and baseless reporting, in a funny, sarcastic, Jon Stewart kinda way—which we love.

China's government goes anti-dog, again.

Hong Konger’s were on the news recently fighting for dogs rights or something. Pfft, who cares about dogs. China’s government suddenly goes anti-dog. (Screenshot/China Uncensored)

It doesn’t help that Hong Konger’s really like dogs, the Chinese government doesn’t need it’s mainland citizens following those crazies, now do they? (*ahem* Occupy Central, pro-democracy protests, fighting for universal suffrage, and what not).

But as Chris Chappell points out, dogs are master followers, and cats are independent thinkers, so maybe they should be promoting dog ownership instead?




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