Do You Worry About Wasting Food? Learn How Long Food Lasts

Food waste is not the same as food loss. Food waste occurs at the back end of the food chain—retail and consumer level—and the richer the nation, the higher its per person rate of waste. Loss occurs at the front end of the food chain—production, post harvesting, and processing—and it is more common in under-developed countries that lack the equipment to store, process, or deliver food to the consumer.

According to the British Institution of Mechanical Engineers, about 100 kilograms of food (220 lbs) per person per year is wasted, and in U.S. alone, almost 40% of our food is throw away on average. To learn how you can reduce food waste, click here.

Have you ever opened your fridge and wondered if you should still eat those could cuts or the leftovers from the beginning of the week?

To waste less food, let’s start in the kitchen by learning how long foods last.



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