Was This Begging Camel Mutilated to Increase Profits? (Disturbing Photos)

    It looks like the camel's back feet were cut off. (Weibo.com)A lame camel with two beggars. (Weibo.com)The skinny camel could not move. (Weibo.com)

    Some beggars in Foshan and other cities in Southeast China use lame camels as a tool for getting money. These so-called begging camels look skinny and feeble, so people usually give more generously, according to the Guangzhou Daily.

    A Weibo blogger recently posted photos suggesting that a camel had had its hind feet cut off to make it look more miserable, and thus become “more profitable.”

    The pictures upset a lot of netizens, and many condemned such cruel acts. However, others commented that it might just look like that way because the animal was kneeling down.

    Hopefully this camel really is unhurt, and just lying down on the ground. Even so, many of the bloggers hoped these animals can be rescued from being used as a begging tool in the streets.

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