This Guy’s Performance on the Erhu Will Torture Your Ears (Funny Video)

A French cellist posted this video on Weibo showing an official from Sichuan Province playing the Chinese violin or erhu.

The Frenchman described Nanbu Party Secretary He Xiuli’s performance as an assault on his ears, adding: “Sorry for being harsh, but to have the audacity to play alongside a provincial-level symphony orchestra, and play like this is just morally wrong.”

If you’re wondering how come he can perform at a top venue with such amateur skills, this blogger’s comment might answer your questions: “Chinese officials are flattered to the point they don’t even who they are anymore. He wasn’t showing off his musical ability, he was showing off his power.”

Another netizen wrote:

Those cheering in the audience must be doing so because it’s finally over, right?

One blogger thanked the Frenchman for speaking the truth, when Chinese themselves don’t dare to.

Many people practice so hard but don’t get the opportunity to perform like this. Sadly it seems that the arts in China have become a slave to power.

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