Have You Played Super-Bad Mario? Hint: It’s Popular in HK Right Now

This funny video is called “SUPER CY 689” after Leung Chun-Ying, Hong Kong’s much unloved Chief Executive.

It starts on the screen “CY 689,” one of Leung’s nicknames because he won the 2012 election with the lowest-ever majority: 689 votes out of 1,200.

CY bounces past a political rival, and then goes down a hole when he sees protesters holding banners demanding his resignation. But after gaining extra power from the Five Stars of communist China, he goes back up and knocks them down.

Then CY jumps up a slope showing his increasing “Against Rate,” slips down one reflecting his falling “Support Rate,” raises the red flag, and finally meets Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Ironically, CY gets squashed by Xi who turns out to be an enemy: Game Over CY! Most Chinese-speaking Facebook users think this is the best part of the video, and it’s an omen for what will happen in Hong Kong soon.

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