Kobe Bryant Getting Blamed for LA Lakers’ Decline

Kobe Bryant
Kobe Bryant gets blamed for Lakers' struggles. (Lakers Nation/YouTube)

Just 5 games into the preseason and Kobe is getting a lot of blame dumped on him for the Lakers’ problems.

Kobe is coming off of 2 injuries. He shows more heart than most athletes, even at this late stage in his career. He still believes that he and the Lakers are contenders.

Is it that he’s an undying optimist? Never giving in despite tremendous odds? Well some say he’s a control freak who turns away players who have less regimented outlooks on basketball.

In fact, Kobe is getting blamed for the roster the Lakers could have had, had he not been so darn hard to work with.

Now that today’s Kobe is not looking like yesterday’s, the Lakers are left diminished, and with no other top-level players to lead them.

Is it Kobe’s fault that the Lakers couldn’t keep talent? You can’t blame him. There is a whole management structure above him. Perhaps they supported and invested in him. And his inability to perform the way he used to reflects the ebb and flow of basketball. Eras change. The same management practices that supported Kobe aren’t going to carry over. The Lakers need a new star. Can Lin do it?

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