You Won’t Believe the Restoration He Did in This Derelict English Church. Absolutely Genius!

This English fellow in his twenty’s, along with his accountant wife bank rolling the project, took on an historic and hopelessly dilapidated church. Honestly, everybody doubted them…but they followed their dream. Now it’s better than anyone could have imagined.

Watching the before scenes, I couldn’t envision how they would turn that vast space in to a family home. Also, given people’s differences in style, it could turn out painfully bad in fact. Or what if they ran out of money half way?

I was genuinely shocked and in awe at the finished church-home.

Wow, this restoration project is the best I’ve ever seen. His talent is border genius, like he’s mentally tapping ancient masonic secrets.

My favorite part, aside from the grand unveiling at the end, is watching him laughing almost mad-scientisly, slash over-excited school-boyishly, as he manages to fit a custom cut piece of glass over an old window (skip to 22:30 for a laugh).

Save this episode for later, or watch the first 10 minutes and the last 10 minutes to find out what they started with and what it looked like in the end. You’re missing out if you don’t watch his process though.

With no training, only research and self study, he tackles a job a well seasoned architect or tradesman would quake at. His talent is going to take him far. It doesn’t hurt that he was featured on the first episode of this BBC TV series Restoration Home. In fact, Paul’s project was probably the inspiration for the hole series.

Do you fantasize about renovating beautiful old buildings into your own home? Is your idea of fun getting a bargain property or piece of furniture that no one else saw beauty in and making it shine?

Up-cycling, renovation, recycling, restoring, reinventing—principally, there’s such virtue in it. It’s an excellent vent for creativity, it’s better for the environment to reuse things, and appreciating the story of old things is paying homage to the path we’ve walked as people, the path of the generations before us. The other bonus? More “bang” for your buck. What’s not to like?

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