Halloween Hoolie

Pumpkins are a symbol for the end of the harvest season. (Image: flickr)
Pumpkins are a symbol for the end of the harvest season. (Image: flickr)

Halloween is a fun celebration for everyone, especially the youngsters, who revel in dressing up as their favorite ghouls, looking ugly, and eating tonnes of candy—so naughty!

Did you know that Halloween started out as a Christian feast on All Hallows’ Eve to remember the dead? The idea was that people could confront the idea of death in a humorous way—it’s a heavy subject, after all.

Before that, many say that Halloween has Pagan roots, and evolved from the Celtic Harvest Festival. After a long summer, people prepared to enter into the darker part of the year, and marked this seasonal change with costumes and fires, guiding lost souls to a peaceful resting place, while scaring away all evil forces.

Over a long history, so many different customs from around Europe seem to have been rolled into one version of Halloween. And each country and family have their own version of it.

The lurking evil characters, the fire, the death, and darkeness… why is Halloween so much fun?

It could be a chance for people to poke fun at the dark side of life, as if to say: “You can’t scare us; we’re not afraid of you!”



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