Jazz Legend Kenny G Drops By Hong Kong Protests, Then Backs Out

Kenny G
Kenny G drops in on Hong Kong protest. (@officialkennyg/Twitter)

What could Kenny G’s recent visit to Hong Kong mean? Does he support the Hong Kong protests?

Before you go thinking that Kenny G is a really forward thinking guy, and a supporter of social movements for democracy and human rights, a little background information is necessary.

Kenny G played 4 concerts in China last month. To begin his recent tour, he held concerts in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, and Chongqing at the beginning of September. He then headed to Canada for his last September show in Calgary, with an upcoming show in New York later this month.

It looks like he flew out in between tour dates to pay a visit, despite having concluded the China part of his tour.

Kenny G is extremely popular in China. His music can be heard in open-air markets across China. His song Going Home is used to signal the end of the workday.

Some are saying he is being used by China’s government headquarters in Beijing to send an unspoken message to protesters in Hong Kong. If you look at the tweet he sent out while at a protest site, it seems to say he wants things to be wrapped up peacefully. But in whose favor?

You can see the tweet and some of the reactions he’s getting to it:


Kenny G Hong Kong Tweet

Kenny G, live from the Hong Kong protests. (@officialkennyg/Twitter)

On the other hand, Kenny G might be showing his support for the protests, and telling the Chinese government that the world is watching. Indeed, the Chinese government had some harsh words after they discovered his visit.

The communist authorities gave their robotic response as expected. Telling people that protesting is illegal, and that foreign people and governments should not show support, despite the fact that China’s actions in Hong Kong are stepping on the freedoms of the people, which is why there are protests there in the first place.

Mr. G followed up his tweet by saying he didn’t know what was going on. He implied he wasn’t supporting protests, but just passing through. Huh?

I’d say the Chinese government’s response may have frightened his pockets, or he thinks he has to backtrack to show his obedience, so that he won’t be stopped from coming back to perform.

Check out his follow up tweets:

Kenny G tweet response

Kenny G tries to backtrack on his tweet. Why? (@officialkennyg/Twitter)

Mr. G, though you think you are keeping your music hot in China by caving in to pressure from the government, you are losing fans who thought you had a sense of justice or consciousness.

So your appearance at a Hong Kong protest site was coincidental, and you were merely passing through?

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