Man of the People: Indonesia’s New President Joko Widodo

(Image: Wikipedia)
(Image: Wikipedia)

Joko Widodo, Indonesia’s newly sworn in president, officially became the country’s leader this month.

You can learn more about him with these ten facts:

1. He is the 7th president of Indonesia.

2. He used to be a small time furniture exporter.

3. He has no foreign policy experience.

4. His nickname is “Jokowi”.

5. Major issues he has to face with Indonesia include climate change, terrorism, and human trafficking.

6. Indonesia has a population of 237 million, 88 percent of whom are Muslim.

7. He is Javanese and a Christian.

8. He was first elected as Mayor of Surakarta in 2005.

9. He is known to be charismatic and a man of the people.

10. He is the first president not from Indonesia’s super rich elite.


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