When Interviews Don’t Quite Work Out as Intended (Video)

Ever seen an awkward interview?

Being the subject of an interview can be hard, but on this occasion we could save a bit of pity also for Channel 4’s interviewer Krishnan Guru-Murthy.

In the above video we have snippets of two separate interviews he has with:

  • Richard Ayoade, the gifted English comedian, writer, TV presenter and director

And the other with:

  • U.S. film director Quentin Tarantino who was trying to plug his most recent film Django Unchained

See the full interviews to understand them in their full context. In the full Tarantino interview, awkward may be an understatement but Guru-Murthy does raise some valid points with Tarantino about violence in film.

While Guru-Murthy does bait Tarantino he pretty much raises the white flag in defeat during the Ayoade interview. Unable to return Ayoade’s sharp dry wit, Guru-Murthy however does manage to maintain his unruffled composure.

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