Bridezilla-to-Be Looks Like Grandma to Test Fiance’s Love (Photos)

    The bride appeared with special make-up. ( looked like a 70-year-old woman. ( asked whether he'd still love her when she was old. ( couple got into a fight. ( man stormed off, leaving the girl crying in the street. ( left with a friend. (

    This prospective groom got a shock after waiting for his lovely lady to arrive for their wedding photos in Shenzhen, according to the Guangzhou Daily.

    She appeared wearing make-up that made her look like a 70-year-old woman, and wanted the photos taken that way, asking him whether he’d still love her when she was old.

    When he told her to get her make-up redone, she refused. Eventually he lost his temper and left her crying alone in the street.

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