Do Not Do China’s Deadly Mount Huashan Hike Like This, What Was He Thinking? (Video)

This cliff climb is considered the deadliest mountain hike in China. These two have made an awesome travel video about it, EXCEPT that he is doing it all wrong. Watch and learn how not to climb Mount Hua, aka, the Yellow Mountain. Their travel tips below are really useful though.

You have to attach yourself to the side of the rock face to avoid certain death.

I started freaking out when I realized he was unclipping BOTH his carabiners at the same time, in a how-to travel video no less.

They did put together this excellent and useful travel information on their Youtube channel DNM List, thanks guys!

Oh and here’s another cool video on Mount Huashan.

1. This particular hike is officially called the “Plankroad in the Sky”—remember this when you look for signage on the mountain.

2. You do not have to hike the six hours up the mountain to get to the Plankroad—there are actually two cable cars that can take you up in less than 30 minutes. The easiest route is to take the NEW—west cable car—and then hike the 30-40 minutes from the West Peak to the South Peak where the Plankroad is located.

3. The Plankroad itself only takes 30 minutes or so. It consists of a staircase down which is metal rods in rock (with large gaps at times), becomes stone cut outs on the cliffside, then comes the actual plank and lastly more stone cut outs leading to the small temple. You go back the exact way you came!

4. The Plankroad is a TWO-WAY trail and you will be required to pass on the outside of others at times. If you are truly afraid of heights you may want to mentally prepare for this fact.

5. You rent a harness at the site. It currently costs $5 USD.

6. Gloves are not really necessary.

7. If you choose to hike the mountain it will take anywhere from 4-6 hours and is extremely strenuous. We only recommend this for those in very good shape. It is also advisable to hike the mountain at night (really early in the morning) and catch the sunrise. The trail up is illuminated, so no worries there. You can also opt to spend the night on the mountain itself, as there are several lodging options available. (Awesome idea)

3. The cable cars down stop operating at 7 p.m.

4. The are food options all over the mountain – prices are high, but good to know that they are there.

5. Plankroad in the Sky can have a backup of adventurers waiting to get on the dangerous hike, so there can be a wait. They only let a certain number of visitors on the path at a time (for safety reasons of course) and they also close it down at a certain time of day (around 5 p.m.), so if you have your heart set on the trail, you may want to arrive on the earlier side. We also heard that weekends and holidays can get even busier, so plan accordingly!

6. If you want to make it to all the peaks on the mountain, plan for 4-6 hours depending on your speed. David and I decided to run from the West peak all the way to the North peak, which we were told is a 3 hour hike. We made it in 35 minutes, so it is potentially possible that you could do all the peaks in less time, but I wouldn’t necessarily advise it considering the dangerous nature of many parts of the trail.

7. Getting there and away—you can choose to visit the mountain as a day trip from Xi’an (by bus approximately 2 hours each way) or stay in the town of Huashan (accessible by train or bus from Xi’an).


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