Dogs Protect ‘Their’ Babies From Their Owners. That’s a Problem Isn’t It?

This compilation video of dogs protecting their owners babies is really cute and heart warming…in a way. Yes, we love that these dogs want to protect the baby. But here it seems to have gone too far, don’t you think?

If your huge dog is growling at you and showing teeth when you try to get near your baby, maybe it’s time to set some new rules.

Youtube commenters were basically on the same page, except a few who think it’s great:

“This is a problem. It means your dog has assumed the lead role and will go to the extremes of protecting the child from it’s actual parents.”

“Just relax and enjoy the video. You don’t have to be a bunch of right fighters. I grew up with a dog who wouldnt let my dad and I play fight. She would attack him every time we tried because she thought he was trying to hurt me. Guess what we did? Encouraged that behavior. It meant she would always keep me safe, no matter what. ”

“When it comes to the big Rottweiler and the other dog telling the father “No you can’t touch the baby,” that’s when it is a problem. I did not think that was cute at all. When your pets come between you and your baby then you got a problem in front of you.”

“It’s normal for dogs to protect children from strangers or be more protective of their owner when they are pregnant (hovering, not growling) when a dog protects a child from their parent either it thinks they are going to harm the child or it thinks they are too incompetent to care for the child. If neither of these things are true then you have a problem. If they are true, then you are the problem.”


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