One Direction’s ‘Steal My Girl’ Has Danny DeVito and Other Randomness

Why is this video so crazy? Is it about stealing someone’s girlfriend, as the title suggests? Then why does it have monkeys, sumo, a marching band, ballerinas, a desert, huge metal paintballs and Danny DeVito in it?

Unfortunately, diminutive Danny DeVito is not the actual director of the video. It would be cool if he was, though. The video’s director is Ben Winston.

Steal My GirlĀ comes off English-Irish band One Direction’s soon to be released album. The album is set for release November 17th. It will be their 4th album, and is titled Four.

It is the band’s 4th album in 4 years. They’ve been accosted by wealth and fame since appearing on The X Factor TV series in 2010. They were formed into a band while auditioning separately for the show.


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