Asking Random Strangers for Food in NYC… Only Homeless Man Shares (Video)

The people at YouTube prank channel OckTV had an idea for a new video. But unlike their prank other videos, this one had a social focus.

They walked the streets of NYC asking people who were eating whether they’d share their food.

They wanted to see if how many people would help out someone less fortunate. From their responses, nobody was—until they asked homeless man.

Two of the team gave some pizza to a homeless man, and 20 minutes later, a third team member sat down and asked if he could have some food.

This homeless dude—the one person who didn’t have anything—was the only to share some of the food he had been given earlier.

The things we get in life can make a living, the things we give to people can make a life.

This is a powerful indictment of people’s behavior today. I challenge you not to be moved.

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