Poland: 25 Years After Communism (Video)

The days of waiting in a lengthy line just to get groceries are long gone in Poland which is now the sixth biggest economy in Europe.

It’s 25 years since Poland gained its freedom from communist rule and that reality is something the younger generations of Poles are unable to fully appreciate say those who lived through it.

“People don’t remember what it was like 25 years ago, this grayness all over,” said Adam Ringer a co-owner of a café in Warsaw in the Euronews clip above.

“People rushing around nervous, suspicious,” he said.

Adam said you can try to explain what it was like living under a communist state to the younger generation but they’re unable to comprehend it.

“If you have not been through it, it’s really difficult to understand.”

One of his young workers, Filip Lepka who is also a university student, said the world of the past that his family lived in is hard to imagine, it is like something out of Alice and Wonderland.

See the video report above for more.

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