What’s the Big Deal About Tiny Houses? Here’s a Little Tour of a DIY Cottage

This stunning little cottage falls in the category of ‘tiny house’ a pretty buzzy topic right now for those looking to live small, save money, go easy on the environment, and get claustrophobic. This video takes us down to New Zealand to see how they do it.

“Shaye and Tom’s Tiny House is nothing short of spectacular. Nestled amongst the bush in West Auckland, New Zealand it fits perfectly into it’s landscape, and feels light, spacious and warm. It’s obviously a house that has been built with love.

There are not too many Tiny House’s in New Zealand, and this was [their] first chance to visit one that’s already being lived in and get a feel for what the space may be like in [their] own Tiny House. ”

I love it, it’s easy on the eyes and wallet, but I am not too sure if my husband and two kids would feel so comfortable, maybe we’d need a medium tiny house?

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