Cosplay as a Career: Linda Le Gets Paid to Play

Lina Le as Nightwing
This woman gets paid to dress up like comic book characters. (Nerdist/YouTube)

This woman has made a successful career out of her favorite hobby. Linda Le and her costumes of comic book and video game characters have become a sensation.

She travels around the world to conventions focused on comic book and video game culture. She arrives wearing no shortage of original costume designs. She gives animated characters life. That is why she has been able to make a successful business out of this. She gets hired by companies looking to promote their fantastical creations.

Comic books have become big business ever since the onslaught of big-budget superhero films have filled theaters. This has attracted no shortage of fans to comic book conventions. Many come to see the amazing costumes people wear.

I guess it was only a matter of time before people started getting paid to wear the costumes of their favorite characters.

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