Do You Have Your Halloween Costume Ready? Here Are 3 Fast Costume Ideas (Video)

Halloween is near, and even though the original meaning of the festivity has gotten lost, there are some things in the today’s Halloween that are still interesting, in my view. It is the one day of the year you can pretend to be someone else that you like or admire.

If you just decided you want to dress up for Halloween, worry not, here are 3 effortless costumes.

This video by Chriselle Lim will show you how to get the looks from the 20s, 50s, & 60s. To complement these looks with matching hair and makeup, go to:

If you fall for some of these wardrobes, here are the details.

1920’s look
Dress: Three Floor and
Faux Fur Coat: (similar)
Shoes: (similar)
Headband: (similar)

1950’s look
Shirt: (similar)
Pants: (similar)
Head Scarf: (similar)
Shoes: Esquivel

1960’s look
Dress: (similar) and
Earrings: (similar)
Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Delman

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