Runners Race Up 1,500 Steps in Shanghai Skyscraper Race

Runners had to stretch their endurance and race up almost 1,500 steps through 54 floors to reach the top of the Shanghai International Finance Centre.

The race was sponsored by the Vertical World Circuit. They hold races in some of the tallest buildings around the world. Their next race is scheduled for December. It will be to climb 82 floors of 2,100 steps to the top of Hong Kong’s International Commerce Center.

Check out their 2014 schedule:

Vertical World Circuit Races

Which skyscraper would you dare to race up? (Image screenshot:

Without a doubt, these have to be some of the hardest races in the world. I don’t know how this compares to running a marathon, but to race upwards like this has got to be a test for superior athletes.

I’d compare this to racing up the side of mountains. This would also be a useful skill for people who work in tall buildings and just have to get to work on time when the elevator is full.

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