When Domestic Workers Are Treated Like Slaves (Video)

Have sympathy for the Filipino domestic workers in the United Arab Emirates. They’re often treated appallingly by their employers and, unlike other migrant workers, they have no protection under UAE’s labor laws.

Researchers from New York based Human Rights Watch have interviewed 99 Filipino women who had worked in the UAE, many of whom suffered abuse.

“One after the other, they told us they had not been paid, had no rest periods or time off, were confined to their employers’ homes, and worked up to 21 hours a day,” wrote HRW’s Rothna Begum for an article that was published in the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

“Some were deprived of food and reported psychological, physical, and sexual abuse. In some cases, the abuses amounted to forced labor or trafficking”.

Around 30,000 Filipino women migrate to the UAE every year to be domestic workers.

The Philippines has laws and policies that require minimum terms and conditions for their nationals migrating overseas for employment.

Domestic workers from Indonesia, Sri Lanka and from East African nations, also face similar conditions in the UAE says HRW in two other separate reports.

See the above video produced by HRW for more information on this issue.

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