Follow 2 Dutch Guys Driving From China to Holland in ‘Brand New China’

Are you a fan of epic road trips? Try this one on for size. Two dutch friends decided to roadtrip from China, along the old silk road all the way to their native Holland. They are calling the journey Brand New China, and if you wanted to be apart of the trip you’re in luck because they are filming and blogging the whole thing.

The video below is the first episode they did. It helps explain their plans and some sights they plan to visit along the way.

The route they are taking will travel across 11 countries and take 3 months to complete. If you thought that sounded hard, realize that they are only using Chinese products. Everything from their car to their clothes, and everything they consume along the 20,000 kilometer path will be a Chinese brand!

Check out the video to learn more and keep an eye out as we continue to follow their journey here.


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